Alaska’s cold pure water provides finest wild salmon caviar. We aim to carry best kinds of salmon caviar Alaska has to offer.

Pure Sea offers high quality products only.

Smoked Fish

Smoked fish are fish products, made from different fish or fish parts treated with fresh smoke.

  • Hot & Cold Smoked Fish

    Smoked Sliced Salmon, Cold Smoked Mackerel, Whole Fish VP (kosher), Hot Smoked Mackerel, Whole Fish VP, Cold Smoked Herring VP (kosher) Hot Smoked White Fish Whole VP (kosher) Cold Smoked White Fish Whole VP (kosher)

  • Pink Salmon – Oncorhynchus Gorbuscha

    Pink salmon caviar has pleasant orange color. High grade pink salmon Caviar has roe that is 3.5 mm or larger

  • Coho Salmon – Oncorhynchus Kisutch

    This species is generally last to spawn, as it arrives to Alaska late in the season. The roe is ruby red and typically larger than pink salmon roe. For good grade Coho Salmon Caviar, expect roe size of 4.5mm or larger.

  • Keta – Chum Salmon – Oncorhynchus Keta

    This is the most popular species of salmon roe. Keta Caviar is prized for it’s larger size with the roe being around 5 mm in size. Keta roe is pale red in color, long shelf life and mild taste.

  • King Salmon – Oncorhynchus Tshawytscha

    This species arrives in Alaska early summer. Keta roe is large, ranging from 5mm to larger sized caviar. The roe is almost red in color with orange hue of color. It has robust flavor and a nice pop when consumed.

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